About us

We're a medical publishing company. We create products for doctors, pharmacists, naturopaths, herbalists – for any one who prescribes or provides conventional pharmaceutical drugs or herbal medicines to their patients. Why? Because most people take both. And all practitioners want to know the possible interactions to ensure the safety and well being of their patients.

It’s no use to you if you can’t find it when you need it.

Our team of scientists, naturopaths, researchers and programmers are developing new ways to give practitioners instant access to the information they need.

Our first product related to herbal medicine:

  • the fourth edition of Phytotherapy Desk Reference

Our latest product is Prescribe Guide.

  • online web application
  • easy to access and easy to use
  • interaction decision support
  • quick recommendations
  • in depth information and references
  • frequently updated based on the latest research
  • new functionality added regularly

We aim to give you the information and recommendations you need - exactly when you need them. To get a quick answer should be as easy as Googling.

When you have time to explore you'll find citations and links to the research that supports the recommendation.

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We help you practise evidence-based medicine.

Prescribe Guide contains evidence-based, practical information intended to help pharmacists, doctors and allied health professionals navigate the complex world of nutrition, supplements and herbal medicines. This leads to safer, more effective treatment for your clients.