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If you have any questions about ordering from us that are not covered on this page, please contact us.

Shipping times

All books and physical product are shipped within two days of receiving the order.


All prices on this website are in Australian dollars. If you local currency is different and you want to know its current exchange rate with the Australian dollar then go to http://www.xe.com/


For purchases made within Australia and/or shipped to an Australian destination, GST of 10% applies and is included in the price. If GST is included within the price you will receive a tax invoice / receipt. This will be enclosed with your book or other physical product. Or, if you buy a digital product only, it will be emailed to you.

For purchases for delivery outside Australia, the price will not change (except, perhaps for shipping) and you will receive a receipt.

Postage costs

Postage costs are included in the cost unless otherwise stated.

Returns (refund policy)

If, for any reason, you are dissatisfied with something you buy from us then:

  • If it is a physical product, such as a book, please return it to us and we will fully refund you what you paid us for it. (But please tell us what the problem was so we can improve our products in the future.)
  • If it is a downloadable product, such as a PDF, tell us why you were dissatisfied with it and we will fully refund you what you paid us for it.


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