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Instantly find what you need during a consultation.

Phytotherapy Desk Reference (4th edition) by Michael Thomsen and Hanni Gennat


This popular book, ideal for quick reference during consultation, is fully revised and updated with 11 new herbs. 172 pages. It's wire bound to stay open at the right place on your desk. The price is $49.50.

There are short, precise descriptions of 195 herbs frequently used in English speaking countries.

You can instantly locate indications, therapeutic actions and herb-drug interactions while you're with a patient.

It's also a valuable tool for students. It has concise information and is easy to use when studying.


Peek inside the book to see examples of what you get.



* For delivery within Australia: $6.00 per book

* For delivery to New Zealand: $11.00 per book

* For delivery outside Australia and New Zealand: $15.00 per book

Contact us if you want large multiple orders and we'll arrange for the best price we can for shipping.

The price includes GST if the books are delivered within Australia.
(If in Australia, you will receive a printed tax invoice / receipt with your copy of Phytotherapy Desk Reference.)

$49.50 AUD

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